phaeton23 (phaeton23) wrote,

Taking Back Sunday

For my birthday i got Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday. My feeling about the new TBS (includes fred mascherino and matt rubano) is that they suck. i havent heard all their music, but i think they suck. I think the only members of TBS i have respect for is Ed Reyes, Mark O'Connell, John Nolan, and Shaun Cooper. I think John and Shaun were the best thing ever to happen to TBS. John was the other lead vocalist and Shaun was an incredible bassist. Ed is the one who created the band, and Mark is an insane with the bass pedal. i think adam misrepresents the band and is the reason why Shaun and John left. Straylight Run consists of Shaun, John, and John's sister Michelle. i dont like it. Adam and John were perfect together but arent not as good without each other. plus michelle does alot of singing, which is disappointing to me because i am such a fan of John.

Prayer: I hope TBS get back together, and maybe michelle can join too :O
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