phaeton23 (phaeton23) wrote,

July 18 2006

After long thought, i think that me and my best friend might be seperating. He is much better friends with his roomate, he smokes and i dont, he drinks and i dont. Alot of things. we also started a band, he is incredible at guitar, but we disagree on a few things. he wants me to scream , but I really dont yell often anyway, i would rather sing than scream. not only that, i dont want to be lead singer, i am much more comfortable at backing vocals. we also dont have a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, or lead vocalist. i am just really frustrated with him. he has o money cause he doesnt have a summer job, and he did not get me a birthday gift and he forgot my birthday. that is not what i care about. its that he forgot my birthday and not his roomates. we have been best friends since like 4th grade, and he forgot my birthday? i keep telling myseld that he has been away for a year so that is why he forgot. i dont know.

i learned that working for Norman Day was possibly the worst move of my life. he told me that i shouldnt go to college because i didnt know how to polish his boat. prick. anyways i quit after he told me i shouldnt go to college if i didnt know how to use a rake. ( i did it just that hes a prick) and then he gets the nerve to tell me that the rav4 is the prefered car of lesbians? WTF? NO I WILL NOT MAKEOUT WITH YOU! the sad thing is his son, Jim, was my gym (yes its a coincidence) teacher in elementary school, and he was the best. i seriously think that mrs day cheated on norman because there is no way Jim came from half of Norman.

Working at EBSCO is fun, besides the fact that i sit at a computer all day scanning mags that already have been scanned.i hate people at the office who give me the look that there better than me and i have no right to look at them because i work in the library, and i hate the no look.

Working for Sweet hill gardening is fun but its always hot. the sun beats down on me so hard and i dont mind being tan, but i constantly sweating. i had to come home early today because i am having trouble lifting my right shoulder, i dont know why, but it is bothering me.

I went to Maine a few weeks ago and saw my aunt and uncle from california. they have two girls and one of them brought her friend, which i guess she did the year before but i had forgotten what she looked like. she was blonde i guess. when i saw her i loved her hair, it was so cool, it was like four different colors and they blended perfectly together. it sort of reminded me of Joanne Dark and Rogue. i was saddened that they smoked tobacco, and they told me everyone does it and that everyone out there does x and coke. they are only 15, i just wish they would not destroy themselves.

Company softball is fun. our centerfielder always drinks too much , which led to a massive cut when he ran into the fence last year. even when he doesnt play he drinks alot. and when someone tries to tell him thats hes had enough, he insists that hes fine and drinks another. funny i guess.
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